The DIGITAL INSTITUTE is a classroom & online training institute conducting multiple digital courses to graduate students, professionals and seniors globally.

We conduct custom programs in

  • Digital Professional (Analyst, Designer/Architect, Apps Developer, Tester Programs)
  • Digital Marketing (Design, Content, Creative, SEO, SEM, Ads, etc)
  • Social Platforms for Business (Google, Facebook for Business)
  • ECommerce platforms for Business (Amazon for Business, FlipKart for Business)
  • Digital for Seniors (Internet, Communication, Facebook, Google, etc)

Investing in the future

We believe the future holds great promise for the next generation. We see a generation ready to make enormous contributions to the world, and to their communities — if given the chance. This is a generation ready to walk through the door — and the founders and supporters of the initiative are ready to open it.

The Digital Institute Initiative’s mission is to:
> engage the young men and women of the next generation;
> embrace their efforts to reinvent and embody for themselves the core values of the heritage they share — a respect for education, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a striving for excellence;
> connect them with others who share those values;
> strengthen their ability to renew these values as vital resources for the future of their communities; and,
> empower them with the skills and experience necessary for effective and affirmative leadership.