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The SMART HUB is a Digital Campus conducts unique Coach-Led Digital Experience Programs for Fresh Graduates globally

Investing in the future

We believe the future holds great promise for the next generation. We see a generation ready to make enormous contributions to the world, and to their communities — if given the chance. This is a generation ready to walk through the door — and the founders and supporters of the Smart Hub Initiative are ready to open it.

The Smart Hub Initiative’s mission is to:
> engage the young men and women of the next generation;
> embrace their efforts to reinvent and embody for themselves the core values of the heritage they share — a respect for education, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a striving for excellence;
> connect them with others who share those values;
> strengthen their ability to renew these values as vital resources for the future of their communities; and,
> empower them with the skills and experience necessary for effective and affirmative leadership.

Digital Experience Programs (XP) for Fresh Graduates globally

A coach-led simulated program to your first experience as a Consultant, Professional or a Startup. We help you build real-life skills and experience to be part of enterprise opportunities or launch your own startup future

DIGITAL-ANALYST-XP, DIGITAL-PROFESSIONAL-XP & DIGITAL-STARTUP-XP are unique programs from Ciborne and they are NOT conducted like a training program. This is a real-life experience program to provide fresh graduates and job seekers an ecosystem to gain industry relevant skills, promote innovative ideas and execute outcome based experience.

DIGITAL-ANALYST-XP | Digital Analyst Experience Program 

A coach-led simulated program to gain experience of an end to end digital business analyst role analyzing the next generation applications & products and launch your digital business analyst career

DIGITAL-PROFESSIONAL-XP | Digital Professional Experience Program

A coach-led simulated program to gain first experience of an end to end real-life designing, building and managing next generation cognitive applications & products and launch your digital career

DIGITAL-STARTUP-XP | Digital Startup Experience Program 

We have a unique approach of a industry professional coach to guide and assist throughout the program. We have evaluation assessments to monitor your progress and increases your chances of employability in startup to enterprise organizations.


We have limited seats and have a highly selective process using industry criteria to be part of this program

1 month to 6 months duration programs

Program Fees

DIGITAL-ANALYST-XP: Rs 3000 (Enrollment fee for 1 month)
DIGITAL-PROFESSIONAL-XP: Rs 5000 (Enrollment fee for 3 months) upto Rs 10,000 (6 months)
DIGITAL-STARTUP-XP: Rs 10000 (Enrollment fee for 3 months) upto Rs 20,000 (6 months)

Terms & Benefits
We only increase your chances of employability or launch your first startup
The program is conducted virtually and if you are located locally near our India offices, we have few in-person meetings or use Skype or other equivalent tools to collaborate.
Enrolled candidates receive a Enrollment Letter
Completion of the program receive a Digital Business Analyst or Digital Professional Experience Certificate or Startup Experience Certificate from Ciborne’s The Smart Hub

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